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What plan will I work with?

All cloud accounts are completly free.

What are limitaions of free online account?

Size of uploaded files is limited by 1 GB per account.

What hapens if I reach 1GB limit?

You can delete unused files or buy self-hosted version without limitations.

Are there any other limitaions of free account?

No. There are no any other limitations. You can use free account forever.

Is a credit card required?


Do you have paid services?

Yes. We sell self-hosted version, which is hosted on your own servers. Also we offer customisation of system for separate payment.

Customers say it best!

  • Thank you for this great project management application. ProjectSputnik helps us keep schedule and control costs.
    Michael Bloom
  • We are using Sputnik from 2011 and very like time tracking and analysing abilities of the system!
    Brad Martin
  • First of all, thank you for this great project management application. We find it very useful, with key features available and simple to use with minimal clutter.
    Julien Horst

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